Dates :
Event Date : Sunday, June 11, 2017
Registration Dates : Monday, February 27, 2017 ~ Friday, June 2, 2017


Event Info


Please check your match and mat number in bracket, Also must check match start time too


09:00 am: Doors Open (会場入場時間 AM.09:00~)

weight in (check) am09:00 to am 09:50

Mat. A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,L (Total 11mat area)

Match01~Match10 - AM.10:00~
Match11~Match20 - AM.11:00~
Match21~Match30 - PM.12:00~
Match31~Match40 - PM.13:00~
Lunch Time - PM. 13:30~14:00

Match41~Match50 - PM.14:00~
Match51~Match60 - PM.15:00~
Match61~Match70 - PM.16:00~
Match71~Match80 - PM.17:00~
Match81~              - PM.18:00~

Warning to athletes.
All brackets have already been made, it will not be allowed to change or cancel the fights.
Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Team Point:
Gold 5
Silver 3
Bronze 1


All category:
# Kids
# Juvenille
# Adult
# Master
# Senior1

# Kids belt category:
White,gray,yellow,orange fight together


Registration Dates:

Early registration: 
                         Weight Category ₩40,000 (Korea Won) until april 20th, 2017
Weight Category & Open Weight  ₩50,000 (Korea Won) until april 20th, 2017

                              Kids Category ₩30,000 (Korea Won) until april 20th, 2017


Regular registration days:
                          Weight Category ₩50,000 (Korea Won)  until june 1st, 2017
Weight Category & Open Weight  ₩60,000 (Korea Won)  until june 1st, 2017

                             Kids  Category ₩40,000 (Korea Won)  until june 1st, 2017



Payment Methods:

When sending the payment by bank transfer, put the registration number in front of your name, ex: 1365JohnSmith,


KEB 하나은행 114-910242-52407 최용원

  1. Registration deadline: June /01/2017
  2. Last day to correction: June /02/2017
  3. Registration check day: June /03/2017
  4. Schedule release day: June /08/2017
  5. Brackets release day: June /08/2017 
  6. Last day to request cancel registration and refund: June/03/2017


  1. Final Check Date (Important):

    June 3rd is the last day to check the registration. All athletes and instructors must check the fighters list.
    Those without oponents in your division must contact us for change of division
    The brackets will be generated following the list of registered fighters and the awards will be given only for those registered and on the brackets, so the check is obligatory for everyone

    Changes to your registration:

    E-mail changes to 
    Please be sure to include the tournament name, your name, and the necessary changes in the email.
    The deadline for changes is  June 2nd, no changes will be made after the deadline
    1. Asian Sport Jiu Jitsu Federation : 080-3716-9767

    2. email:




Location :
Name Jamsil Arena
Address : Seoul 10 Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu
Registration Info :
  • We will not accept registrations after the registration end date
  • The registration deadline can be closed before the registration end date if the number of fighters exceed the total number allowed
Registration Fees :
  • * The money must arrive until the day specified otherwise the registration will be cancelled (The registration is considered completed only after the registration fee payment)
  • Registration fee refund: only if there are no opponents in your category. There will be no refund in case of: disqualification, weight disqualification, you came late or not coming to the event